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Hailing from Joplin Missouri, Kimra was destined for a life in music. She started teaching herself guitar in high school and then starting writing songs. For as long as she can remember, Country music has been a staple in her life.

Originally starting college as a music major Kimra changed her degree 3 times ending up graduating with a Business Management degree.

Initially shy about sharing her music and her amazing singing talent, Winter Records encouraged Kimra to head to Nashville to record her first songs. 

In December 2014 she recorded/released her first 3 song EP, then went on to record/release her first album "Forgive & Forget" in May 2016.

In October 2017 Kimra recorded her 2nd album "Songs for You" released March 2018.

She is set to record a video this year for "Forgive & Forget" and continue promoting her most recent album "Songs For You."