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Zach Zurcher

Stemming from Small Town, Midwestern, USA; Zach is no stranger to the laid back, country kind of life. Growing up, Zach taught himself to play guitar around 11 years old. Shortly after, he started singing in local bars learning his craft and trying to make a name for himself. Zach joined his first country band in the spring of 2015 while working various warehouse jobs just trying to get by. Seeing how much fun the life of a musician could be, Zach started writing songs about his personal experiences and slowly started to grow his fan base.

In October of 2016, Zach signed his first recording contract with Winter Records. The release of his self-titled EP was widely accepted and his first single, “The Bottle” started to receive radio play in the U.S. and Australia.

When Zach isn’t playing shows or writing music, he enjoys spending his time riding his Harley or kickin’ back by the lake with a fishing pole in one hand and an ice cold beer in the other. “Music is in my blood,” he says “And, I’m gonna play my heart out ‘til the day I die.”