Yellow Hammer Studio

Yellow Hammer is a boutique 700 sq. ft. music production, recording and mixing studio owned and run by producer Justin Ray Miller and is the main studio used by Winter Records. Yellow Hammer Studio is in the heart of East Nashville.

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JR Miller

JR Miller is a composer, producer, and owner of Yellow Hammer Studio in Nashville. JR holds a degree in film scoring from Berklee College of Music, and has won awards in international composer competitions, including East West Quantum Leap's Film Scoring competition. While at Berklee, JR became an affluent conductor and midi guru, traits that can be heard in his more current Nashville productions. 

Since opening Yellow Hammer in 2013, Miller has scored films and games, produced tracks for many top Nashville artists, and founded the drum sampling house Nashville Sampling Company with partner and drummer for Carrie Underwood, Garrett Goodwin.

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The Equipment

The studio is equipped with an impressive list of music production equipment, including top tier preamps from companies like API, Avedis, and Aurora, as well as microphones from AKG, Royer, Miktek, and more. The mixing equipment includes a Bricasti-M7 reverb, API 2500 compressor, hordes of plugins, and a computer with a 33.5k GeekBench score to power the lot of them.

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The Design

The design is a collaboration between owner JR Miller and designer Carl Tatz based on vintage tones and cigar-parlor vibes. Don't let the coziness fool you though, this space has nearly 100 dB in sound reduction between the tracking room and mixing room. And yes, they've tracked TONS of live bands with their setup, finding that the isolation from their three rooms is more than enough to tackle all recording requests. Hell, they have even tracked 24 singers at once.